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BrandSum+brand-sum-glitch-large has been years in the making, and comes directly from our experience of Digital Brand Review.

It is a quick and simple method for seeing differences in how people think about a brand.
A unique, human-led approach requiring minimal input.

In other words your customers, internal departments and or management fill in just 9 questions, and the system will show you where the difference in perception between those groups lie. Moreover with the dashboard it can define your brand voice and Sum up the perception of your, or anyone else’s for that matter, brand.

In its now live, beta format, it’s free to use and we beg you to try it. Unlike the human-led Digital Brand Review its an automated SaaS project. Just put in your brand and fill in the form. Feedback is more than welcome.

Find out more at brandsum.phenotype.net

BrandSum+ includes BrandReview (What was Digital brand Review) and BrandSurvey.

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