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FENS - Future Events News Service

FENS is a B2B service that is essentially a database of celebrity, sporting and other events. Need to know when to lay on extra trains to Wembley Stadium? Need to know when George Clooney is in London? FENS supplies a whole series of industries.

We created the whole backend including a huge clean up of some serious data, along with some branding and sites to match.

Quick Stats

Current live “stories” 171k

235k per year

We created a new brand, corporate guidelines and of course website. The aim was to separate but link the various sectors that FENS work in – from celebrity to transport.

But for us the main task has been to clean, rebuild and generally fix the massive database of names, places and events that have accumulated over the years. The biggest database we have ever dealt with, continually updating and made up of millions of cross-referenced events.

Then to access, add and edit that database we created an online intranet based around search, plus various APIs for accessing the information efficiently.

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