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As part of our teaching we set our third year graphic design students a task based on playful design. The groups were to each bring in and print 4 found ‘things’ that explore the meaning of design in its most creative, inventive, wacky & out there form. Perhaps even design that is not terribly useful, but above all interesting and thought-provoking. The seminar will be led by the students so us tutors also must find four found pieces.


This is difficult.

How do we choose just four of the wondrous things we see every day let alone over our careers? How do we choose from all those crazy things we have tagged or pinned? Well the observant will note that there are more than four here – there could have been a hundred. None of these are our work but we wish they were. A snippet of the things that get us excited.



Here are the results from the whole group:


#1 Endless looping gifs


Endless looping gifs


#2 This is Not Art


Cut out Oil Paintings


#3 Time Slice Fashion Show



#4 Monument Valley Game


Monument Valley Game


#5 Color of Language


#6 Sammy Slabbinck Collages


Sammy Slabbinck Collage


#6 Anything from Karsten Schmitt


Go Karsten!