Adapt2 Digital Engagement Map

by Sam Collett
I have been privileged to be shown in person the Adapt2 DEM or Digital Engagement Map. I cannot emphasise how blown away I am by the progress made and how useful it would be.
Oct 21, 2015
We at Phenotype worked on an early version with the folks from Adapt2 – Mel, Gary and Ruth. But now they have taken their product to new levels and added in a complete dashboard system. It is big and it is clever.

So what is the DEM? It’s a way to define in a few hours an organisation’s digital maturity. From here the organisation can choose from goals which are generated automatically by the DEM. The interface is the dashboard which shows at a glance how things are and how things need to change, with tasks assigned to particular groups. Then everyone can map the progress towards the goals over time.

As with the best ideas about digital, it’s about people and how they interact and see things. But also the real power and uniqueness comes from those initial questions, and how the DEM can extrapolate those results into tangible goals, quickly, accurately and automatically.

Working currently with UK-based councils and spreading fast via word of mouth. It works for any large company or organisation in any country. Like with our DBR, Adapt have found that an hour in a board room is more useful and constructive long-term than months of consulting. Also like us they have found that mentoring and harnessing the good within an organisation is of primary importance. And of course its much, much cheaper.

There are many snake oil salesmen, large players, and frankly a lot of myths, confusion and waste in the Digital Transformation world. This is a digital solution for that world that ironically will or has pivoted this relatively new industry.

When we were working with the DEM there was a nagging doubt among us – that the questions alone were not enough to define a blueprint for a whole company, nor be specific enough. This doubt has well and truly been put to bed. Please check them out here:

Adapt2 Digital Engagement Map
Adapt2 Digital Engagement Map
Adapt2 Digital Engagement Map

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