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Sam Collett: What do you think of your university?

This is a research project building a tool which is designed to show the differences in perception between two or more groups of people. For example, do the bosses of a company consider their brand is very different to the shop floor, to their resources department, or most of all their customers? If so which aspects of their brand show the most difference?
By using a simple online app we can gauge how people think about a brand they are close to. We can then compare the data anonymously, and with some interactive graphs see the differences in those groups’ opinions.
The photo shows our second year design students testing the app and equations on the brand that is “Worcester University”, using Academics vs Students as the two groups. This is overlaid with the results of the first test. They have shown that even a small group can show enough trends to have a lively and interesting discussion.

exhibition-hive-brandsum exhibition-hive-brandsum-2