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A very interesting article this morning in CampaignLive, with a lack of comments (as yet) which in itself is interesting.

Essentially the article argues that we marketers are hooked on gathering data, which is true, but that this has become the end goal in many cases. In other words, like sugar, we are all addicted.

Scott Wallace, head of data and analytics, MullenLowe Profero
“There’s a tendency for some players to collect as much data as possible, regardless of need. This creates huge volumes and increases risk. Advertisers need to focus on only the data points that are important to their business.”

We of course believe that a marketer or a CEO should of course use and gather data, but that these same people should be the ones that know what is going on. In our experience gut feel is often right. Data, for a myriad of reasons is often misleading. The interpretation of that data is more important than the gathering and this requires a human – so far.

We believe that showing that in-built knowledge in the language of big data is the key.

Which is where our own Brand+Sum and what was Digital Brand Review come in. Get in touch for more.

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