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There has been much press just recently, good and bad about London. The BBC Documentary Mind the Gap, though ridiculed on GoggleBox has been a very interesting and eye-opening documentary.

The UK has become, perhaps has for a long time has been a one city nation. Since the death of the industrial north the growth of London has become runaway, as has the investment needed to deal with this amount of people. For the creative industries the proximity of other creative industries has meant that London is absolutely the place to be for any agency or artist. Nowhere is this more prominent than the industry that in theory can exist remotely – the digital creative industry which more and more is becoming centralised. And now as of yesterday a new TV Channel will grace the airwaves – a sign once again of Mind The Gap.

We here at Phenotype also class London as our city. But we live and work in the middle of nowhere, in rural Worcestershire. We also teach, in a provincial University, kids who are destined in a large percentage to life and work in London agency land. As such we feel we have something to say about Mind the Gap. In many ways we are commuters to London, spending a lot of time there and having the majority of our clients in the capital.

Peter Florence from the Hay Festival talks about how green is a powerful lure away from the city, and that people growing up in rural England should be proud of where they live and feel there is enough around them to be inspired. The same could be said of the Universities, whose purpose as well as teaching is to get social bonds in place with your peers.

London has such a strong pull in the world of web that we are spending more and more of our time in the city. Our view then on the best of both worlds: Use the city for all those important things that matter – contacts, meetings, brainstorms, inspiration, planning. Then come back to the green space to think and get stuff done.