Pantene ‘Make a swisssh’ hub

by Sam Collett
A vast online campaign aired across the Hearst network to promote Pantene, in conjunction with Cat Deeley. User uploaded content, games, a social hub...
Apr 25, 2012

The Brief:

To design & deliver a hub to host the Pantene ‘Make a swisssh’ competition developed to support the launch of Pantene Aqua Light hair care products.

Get consumers to participate in ‘Make a swisssh’ competition, maximize their time on the website and get them to come back. Let consumers experience and love the product. ‘Make a Swisssh’ is the epitome of the joyful goddess, and embodies Pantene equity of beautifully healthy hair that women will be proud to Swisssh.

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Pantene 'Make a swisssh' hub

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