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Perhaps – but to us it is all part of the same loop and process whereby a customer wants to make a purchase, and wants to make sure all the pieces of the puzzle are in place before said purchase. Buying a T-Shirt to choosing an agency – there really is no fundamental difference.

This rather good introductory piece to Sales Enablement could be said to encapsulate our views on the Digital Brand Review:

Clients struggle with being objective when analyzing their processes.

“A great example of this is how confident clients typically are when they tell us they have a well-executed sales process, yet they have a hard time articulating it to us,” Lieberman said. “Agencies with a solid base of experiences are able to help clients see their blind spots, skip over the pot holes, and apply the best practices that have been learned from implementing aligned sales and marketing processes at other successful companies.”

Once again the terms are all similar, be it CX, Sales enablement, UX. To us it seems like the obvious transfer of a core message to the person that matters – the consumer.