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Infographics seemed to us to be one of the hot trends of last year, though it was something seemingly absent from the prediction lists for 2014.

It is pretty obvious to see why these seemingly dull long strips of graphs have become so popular and indeed why they are here to stay. It started of course with pinterest and the fact that its rather novel (at the time) interface suits long strip like images (because it takes up more eye time on the feed) and also images that intact – not a html page built up of many mini images. Add to this the fact that the format works very well on phones and that file size for such  large images seems not to matter (note also the welcome return of the animated gif) and the sharability of the image we have a winner.

More than this though, we love facts more than ever, but we like reading less than ever. We live to be entertained and therefore the most successful info graphics give information, do it fast and entertain us for that 30 seconds we allot to the image.

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