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Happy New Year!

So begins the minor silly season news wise when everyone sums up the trends from last year and predicts the next. So why should Phenotype be any different?

2013 was a funny old year for Phenotype. Many of our old suppliers of work (other large agencies) found themselves dying out or concentrating on some large but specialised work. As such we have found ourselves in a slightly different place. We have learned a massive amount this year about many things we knew about before but now consider ourselves expert – namely speed optimisation, advanced SEO, server setup and mobile. Oddly enough this is what the industry is looking for in the post responsive fallout. The industry as a whole has come to join Phenotype’s network model of small specialists. Once considered very odd indeed it is becoming the norm once again.

2014 then, will be a year of PROPER content creation, of social networks, of niche sites, of video and of image based sites. All sites should be expected to have responsive but the backlash against this method for some larger sites have already become apparent.