The Last Show and Tell: Anna Peskova

by Sam Collett
It is our designer Anna's last week here at Practically, and she was made to do a show and tell of her time with us. We thought it was rather cool that, firstly, she created it as a web page, and secondly the way she represented her time here. Enjoy!
Aug 24, 2021

RIP Anna Peskova

October 2017 – August 2021


Quick Statistics

Time Served

(Almost) Years

Total months

Actual days

Quick Statistics

Total Projects Conquered:

  • JBR Capital – 1,464.5 hours
  • CGH Hotels – 1,417.25 hours
  • Exam Prepper – 562.75 hours
  • HiP – 462.5 hours
  • Augmentum + Teen VC
  • Autosol
  • Avko
  • Aztec Adventures
  • Beauty On Demand
  • CGH
  • Choraline
  • Clarity Vision
  • CMA
  • Country Schools
  • Coverdale Trust
  • Cyan Finance
  • DSi
  • Edge Digital
  • Emplyability
  • Error Tracker
  • Exam Prepper
  • Amazing Frog Website
  • Tens website
  • Healthily – Landing/Campaign Pages
  • HiP
  • JBR Capital
  • ALEX Hotel Website
    Visit Cheltenham
    The Courtyard
    Good Taste Foods/Love What You Eat
    New Wave
    Reddings Residents Association
  • Max Sports Nutrition
  • NHS – SW Recovery College
    NHS – Working Well Together
    NHS – GHC
    NHS – ICT website
    NHS – Be Well
    NHS – Glos Community Dentists
    Open Minds
    Practically Website
  • Make Their Day Florist
    Matchfit Sports
    Panara Travel
    Paul Hobbs
    Rhys Cowe
    Reveal Insight
    SG Mind
    Forward With Dementia
    Power To Change
    Taylor’s Therapies
    The Merchant House Website
    TRACE Branding
    Wink Photography
    School of Art

Quick Statistics

The Best Bits

Pub Lunches

Games of table foosball

Walks on the hills (and bacon sandwiches eaten!)

Awesome outings & events attended

Where it all started

First ever design I did for Practically…

The one I was most disappointed it got away

If I could bring back one project & finish it, it would be…

The defining one

I will be most sorry to leave behind…

Top Things I've learned #1 of 5

Always Ask Why

Top Things I've learned #2 of 5

It’s easier to beg forgivness then ask permission

Top Things I've learned #3 of 5

Know your unknowns

Top Things I've learned #4 of 5


Top Things I've learned #5 of 5

Look after your devs and they will look after you

But the best bit…

About it all…

Has been you lot…