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Actually these are not that new, and to be honest we are passed the big wave of excitement that these technologies have brought but at the very least a few months. In actual fact as ever its not the invention but the use of that technology that is exciting – often this happens some time after the initial buzz, so here goes…

The first is the self driven car. This last month we have seen a great deal of content written about Google’s driverless and steering wheel less car. We have of course seen driverless cars – but the lack of a steering wheel seems so very final.

The next is the 3D printer. Again the big trend last year which everyone was talking about and scaremongering about – for example for people making working guns.

Why then, the excitement. Let us move away from the initial excitement and look to the future, by way of the amazing Zeitgeist films.

What is amazing about 3D printers is the 3D printer that can replicate itself – not only a worn out part but also a whole printer – Terminator here we come.

Exciting revelation number two is that we can very soon expect large, crane sized 3D printers that will build houses and buildings, quickly, on spec and silently with very little waste and almost no human help.



To get to those newly built houses we will be commenting in our driverless cars which will become extensions of the office space. The commuting distance and time will become irrelevant as we are chauffeur driven to our destinations at a time of our choosing. Also irrelevant becomes the parking problem – your car will go and park itself somewhere or perhaps drive itself around all day. So far so good, but what happens to the gazillions of people involved in the very manual process of house and building construction? We will see only the most specialised builds being in need of human input and in this way the construction industry will go, not without fuss, the way of car manufacturing and other industries.

What has this got to do with web design I hear you say? Well nothing and everything. Our working patterns influence what consumers want as does how and where we live. As perpetual commuters who live in the sticks the above relegations may mean more to us than a hardened city dweller. More importantly still, we here are creative technologists so we like to share what is getting excited.