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Typestr is a simple game, where – you guessed it – you get to stack type. Just place the letters on top of each other and get to the win bar. Each level features one of our favourite fonts. Perhaps you will learn something about their forms, find out some simple information about the font and learn to love them a little bit more. Perfect for your designer friends.

We designed this game as a test of our abilities and as a toy with which to learn the as then new 2D capabilities of Unity. Its a game that has been on our minds. We thought rather than have it sit in a virtual attic somewhere we may as well release it on to the app store.

We at PhenoGames are releasing this game, for free, as is. As its a development build we are releasing into the wild with none of the normal capabilities we would normally have. So there is no share, no Game Centre logins, no marketing of the game etc etc. There are also only 20 levels to play. If it proves popular of course we will build these in more levels and more lovely features.

How to play

  • Drag the letters from the top and place or let them fall to the bottom
  • Stack them up so that they reach the win line
  • Be mindful of the order in which you place the letters
  • Find out more information about each letter on the game over screen
  • Refresh any level to start from scratch
  • Scoring is based largely on the speed in which you finish the level.

This game is completely ad-free, login free, and there are no in-app purchases. We have total respect for your privacy and intellectual property, and we will never store or sell any of your information.