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We talked before about the EngINS (Engineering Inspiration) branding in a previous post. The site (uclengins.org) has been live now for a few months, and is being used by students, academics and geeks everywhere. Now part of the engineering department of UCL the site was in need of a rebrand, an update and a rather hefty UI retweak.

An exercise in data management EngINS.org features at its heart a community curated series of RSS feeds. Users can then configure the feeds they get based on preferences. As you can imagine in the world of advanced engineering there is much crossover and linkages between the fields. Hats off to the boys at SteamDesk for building this beast.

The biggest UI change came from the learning via stats that the external pages are also likely to be the landing pages to the site. External pages use an iframe to serve up the content of the linked page. Therefore the whole site is designed around this top navigation bar, into which all the utilities and functions are embedded, even in the responsive mobile view. Also upgraded are the colors which aid navigation as well as the iconography.

Above all EngINS is a really useful, fantastic resource.