We are judging on the UK Digital Experience Awards

by Sam Collett
We have been lucky to be taking part in this year's DXA awards, judging in the Best Website category, with criteria being very much about effectiveness.
Jul 10, 2020

We have been lucky to be taking part in this year’s awards, judging in the Best Website category.

And therefore, for the first time across any social media it is time for us to share the obligatory zoom screenshot. This time it is the amazing Ana Belic showing us judges what to do.

Do checkout the finalist list at https://d-x-a.co.uk/finalists-announced.

And check out Sam and the rest of the judges here. Who is going to win? Well the scores are in but the final result will be announced on the 16th at the awards ceremony.

An update from the day – 16th July 2020

Some great presentations from the finalists, and some really greta discussions with my fellow judges Jamie Denham of Sl/ced, Peter Paterson of ORM, and chair Steve Elvins of Thermo Fisher.

First up, at 9.30 was BT / PlusNet. An impressive switch to an entirely new system to create their consumer based website.

Then, Cohaesus with their wordpress based music festival site. A great example of an ever changing, ‘panic’ based project. Impressive work.

Next up, Sagittarius.agency in partnership with Jacksons Fencing. Impressive growth and stats and a great transformative project. How it should be done.

Then Refinitiv.com – an offshoot of Reuters dealing with the data side of things. A good example of multi-regional brand building. 

Lastly 93 Digital, with Mitie. Perhaps the prettiest of the entries, and a nice, normal, corporate website which works well.


The winner of the Best Website Award was, rightly 93 Digital. I for one admired their creativity and the fact that they created the most beneficial change to their client in the most efficient manner. So in that manner I felt they were most aligned to our agency core beliefs. See all the winners here and see the full awards ceremony on YouTube (Skip to 1.40).