Future Web Design

Skills of 2021 (and beyond)

A lecture from Sam Collett, October 2020  @ University of Worcester Art House

The future begins with the past

This rather wonderful summing up of web design through the ages,  compares the way that websites are designed and constructed...

Chapter 1

A.I. disrupts designers’ worlds

A.I. is a huge can of worms to open at the start, but machine learning is not only here to stay, but they have already been chipping away at our design world...

Chapter 2

IoT will demand that designers rethink their world

The Internet of Things, on the face of it, is something that current web designers are perhaps protected from. But as web browsers become anything but, we will have to up our game...

Chapter 3

New navigation will lead  from new technology

So called haptic interfaces, based on touch and movement. Mass adoption of this has been one of Sam's predictions for many years...

Chapter 4

Design will become data & device driven

We are very used to responsive web design whereby your web page adapts to the size of your device. We don't notice that our wholeexperience is led by us...

Chapter 5

The rise of voice user interface and accessibility

Voice interfaces are of course here already, and to the younger generation a major way to navigate information. As Alexa, Siri and the like become ever more powerful...

Chapter 6

Does the maturing of AR & VR need 3D design? 

I am willing to wager every prediction from the last 15 years has had AR and VR as part of its future predictions. For these technologies are old...

Chapter 7