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Error Tracker

Error Tracker is tracking software for logging errors over multiple projects and applications. 

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Proactive error handling

Fix errors an application crashes before your users notice. Because Error Tracker has real time error notifications, across multiple projects, you can be fixing bugs before your users report them.

Under the Hood

This application is build to the latest standards of openapi v3 making it easy to integrate applications with the self documenting API.

Why we think this project is sexy

Error Tracker came out of the Practically Incubator, and our weekly Show and Tells, as a need to aggregate errors over multiple applications and servers. Also, we found the added benefit of having extra information about the bugs that we reported by clients was helpful. We think this is sexy, as this solves a really big problem we had here at Practically – allowing us to be proactive when it comes to those minor and major niggles that appear across many builds.

The developer’s view:

“For a quick and easy way to view historic and current server side errors from your site, this is what you need. Easy to integrate and configure, and a huge help with debugging hard-to-recreate issues.”

Sam Collett – Our very own Director

“This has saved me hours.”