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The KNOW Framework

We helped with the business proposition, branding, marketing and of course web presence, for this business consultancy and coaching outfit.

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Brand new consultancy

Naming, brand, strategy – everything!

Web strategy and microsite

How to promote a start-up

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The KNOW Framework for businesses

KNOW is both a company and a methodology, for getting the most out of people and operations within a business. Its a framework for business owners to understand their priorities, to understand their staff and to be as efficient as possible.

Crucially, and unlike a lot of consultancies out there, KNOW are then able to action those recommendations, with a background in operations and coaching.

Under the Hood

The initial website is an adaptable and quick WordPress site. It is envisioned that as KNOW’s systems progress this site will evolve to meet their growing needs.

Why we think this project is sexy

The KNOW Framework is not just a branding project or a pretty website. We are really proud that together with the KNOW team we created their whole offering in a few, admittedly fairly lengthy, Zoom sessions. And when we say the whole offering we mean the name, the new business process and strategy, the brand identity, the website, the wording. Everything in fact bar the framework itself.

This project was formed during the 2020 Lockdown – coincidentally the perfect time for business owners to be thinking about what has changed and what works.

Practically will be joining the KNOW team for their clients on a per project basis when specialised SEO or digital knowledge is needed.

Complete Brand Identity

We are really rather proud of the KNOW Framework name and rather lovely logo, which in itself has its own “framework”.

Frames and the really bright color palette form a very distinctive design system that will grow and adapt with the business.

Strategy & framework

We helped bring this whole project to fruition, though the framework is all KNOW’s – all we did was nudge them in the right direction, and made it aesthetically pleasing. What we are really proud of is helping to package all the thinking into a “framework”.



Michelle Milner-Eradhun

“Practically exceeded all my expectations & have been a true partner from the very start! “

How did Practically & KNOW get together?

“I’ve worked with Sam, one of the Co-Founders previously and was very impressed with his expertise, work ethic and creative thinking. He’s also highly recommended by some mutual contacts, so when I was looking for a team to help me with my business he was my first call.”

What were your expectations?

“Even though I knew that Practically were very good at what they do and had the expectation that they would help me create my brand and website well, my expectations were exceeded from the very beginning.

Working together was engaging, inspiring and supportive. There were some aspects of the process that I was not expecting, and Practically have been amazing at helping me though challenges and also celebrating the successes. They are a true partner. They have a really deep understanding of both the creative side of business – the branding, tone, design etc, but also how to make it practical and execute well in development.”

How do you feel the project went over all?

” I’m really happy with the process so far, and feel good knowing my business’s website and branding is in safe hands.”

Will you continue to work with Practically?

“I continue to work with and recommend Practically for all things development, branding and design.”