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Reveal Insights

Reveal Insights fixes some of the problems in the investment, brokerage and start-up worlds. Namely, the lack of transparency in terms of trust as well as referrals.

Quick Intro

Build, strategy & branding


Built in react.js with Firebase DB

See for yourself


It’s all about the ratings…

The currency that the platform is based on is ratings of companies, funds, projects and individual money managers.

From these verified ratings and comments users can see who to trust with their money.

Under the Hood

Our first major experience with react.js in a live environment. This is an entirely user-led proposition with 10s of user types, levels and journeys.

Why we think this project is sexy

This project is a first and it is unique. What makes it sexy is… quite a few elements.

The, we think, rather sexy version 1interface was designed to serve up the best possible recommendations to each user – with a home screen layout borrowed liberally from Netflix.

Also, we think the branding and ratings system is really sexy. The bar graph based ratings are rather whizzy, and the circular halo builds up when you get good ratings.

Lastly, this project holds a special place for some of us as it is the first live project using the language and methods of react.js. And yes that makes it sexy.


How did Practically & Reveal get together?

“Personal relationship with founder from past venture.”

What were your expectations?

“Excellent UI design and user experience.”

How do you feel the project went over all

“Very well with much support from Practically.”

Any other thoughts?

“Keep doing your great work!”

Andreas Mueller – Co-Founder of Reveal-Insights

“We get much support and useful input from Practically”