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Wink Photography @ Home 

Wink photos @ home is an exciting new service focusing on providing the studio quality photography that Wink is known for, from the comfort of your home.

Application | Design | Growth and SEO | Startup

We have build a custom...

Booking management system

Brand new & custom

Website design and development

Photography when you need it and where you need it

Practically developed a bespoke platform to manage photographers and bookings, and a website for customers to access the services and make bookings.

A new way of booking & using photographers means a new way of telling search engines to access the site – a category innovator.

Under the Hood

This was built using the php based Yii framework.

Why we think this project is sexy

The Wink backend is a bespoke piece of code that gives the team an almost complete booking system. It is therefore an eCRM for customers and clients. It is a shop for things such as vouchers. It is a calendar for all users and most of all it is a booking system for photographers in multiple locations with multiple skillsets.