We loved creating

Beauty on Demand

Our task was to create the strategy, and then web presence and booking engine for this ambitious start-up.

As of July 2020 an ongoing project.

Design | Growth and SEO | Startup | Strategy | Wordpress

We are proud that we

Saved money and time by launching lean

Full booking and management process

Currently in planning stage

See for yourself


A beautiful start page to what will be a major project

We created the starting, homepage that has become the focus of ongoing marketing activity. The wonderful design shows off their new brand and allows bookings for hairdressing, nails, wax and makeup from day 1.

What is next?

Already on this project we helped to create the plan of action for this ambitious startup. Rather than spend weeks on creating a specification and then months on a build we advocated a build quick, launch quick attitude. Thus within a really short time the brand was done, the site was created and, most importantly of all, the Beauty On Demand team made their own offline booking process, which we will now build on.

This is a startup project as it should be.

Harriet Griffin – CEO Beauty on Demand

“We love the web[site] and it looks great.”