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History of Porsche

The JBR Capital History of Porsche piece is a real peach of design and content. Just launched we hope it will become a little bit of viral history in its own right.

BrandSum+ Beta Now Live

BrandSum+ is a quick and simple method for seeing differences in how people think about a brand.
A unique, human-led approach requiring minimal input. Now in Beta.

Ich Bin Eine Berliner

Sam was part of a week long trip to Berlin with the students from University of Worcester, visiting the many museums, studios and, er, pubs.

Goody Water Branding

A new Brand, identity and strategy for a fantastic product – A water filter like no other.

The Design Diamond

Simply stated this model we have created aims to convince design students and practitioners of the process of design.

HTML5 Banners for The FA

We have been busy creating a series of banners for The Football Association (The FA) to promote all sorts of things, from upcoming games to the joining of the supporters club. This has been a great opportunity to debate the pros and cons of the HTML5 Banner.

c0r4l – A learning canvas “play thing:

A prospective brand name from one of our clients, which we used to create a little interactive toy – learning a whole bunch of canvas code along the way – have a play…

4 Playful Designs?

A student-led seminar for graphic design students on playful design. Here are our thoughts.

Adapt2 Digital Engagement Map

I have been privileged to be shown in person the Adapt2 DEM or Digital Engagement Map. I cannot emphasise how blown away I am by the progress made and how useful it would be.

Crystal Palace Vision

We have been helping out various parties with some strategic, high level creative thinking. The vision is of a sustainable, unified and supported Crystal Palace regeneration scheme, linking new and old activities in the most famous of London's parks. Exciting!  

Logos + Marks

A series of our own favourite logos from across the years.


Time for a new flyer set for Afri-Kokoa, but a reminder of the branding work we did last year. We thought we would share as its very different to a lot of the work we do and as a brand pretty much unique. We love emulating that African craft feel and learning about a...

True Story

We here have been doing a lot of navel searching just lately. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly we have finished a long-term job which has kept us busy for a few years. We learned a lot on this project but also needed the space for something new and to...

Voice recognition – we get closer to HER?

An interesting aside from this morning's news. IBM's Watson, arguably the pre-cursor but almost definitely the competitor to Siri is being used for one city rather than a device. This made me think (again) of one of the most underrated but important and haunting...

New Site (Again)

Things change pretty quickly on the web and we use our Phenotype site as a test ground for what we learn and see around us. So to celebrate our new domain name and also our current thinking, we have created our new site. We have also been formalising where our parts...

The FA

We have created quite a few banner campaigns for The FA. This one is our favourite of the set. Simple clean and to the point they lived on The FA site but most importantly on the network of sponsors and fan sites that go into promoting, in this case, the road to...


A new brand and a new way of hosting and managing wordpress.


Introducing a unique, fun yet educational visitor attraction & online world for children and their families.


Oddizzi is an online travel guide and learning resource for kids. It is designed to be used in primary schools. Phenotype were brought in to create, dream up and execute a series of games for the first launch of Oddizzi.

UCL Engins

Engins, or Engineering Inspiration is, or will be a collaborative community for engineering news of all flavours. Owned, sponsored and by UCL (University College London) it is the reincarnation of The-Briefing which has run for many years. Our new logo works within...

Worcester Degree Shows

We have just help curate and manage the Degree Show for Graphic Design at Worcester University. As ever a stressful but incredibly worthwhile time. We thought we had better show off some of the students work as well as the branding we helped create. Check out their...

DBR – A method for teaching?

As part of Sam’s teaching at the University of Worcester, and particular in his 1st Year Undergraduate Design Theory lesson, the methods used in the Digital Brand Review of defining and discussing a brand are starting to be used.

DWG reports

A wonderful job for a really interesting group - DWG. Our task, created off the back of our Digital Brand Review was to redesign their manually created reports. So from the raw data and the aims of showing that data we came up with a design convention and language -...

Golly what a lot of interfaces!

In random timescale and order, here are some of the many interfaces we have designed over the years. Or at least the ones we are allowed to show.

Two technologies that have us really excited

We have passed the big wave of excitement that these technologies have brought these last few months. In actual fact as ever it’s not the invention but the use of that technology that is exciting – often this happens some time after the initial buzz, so here goes…


Description Typestr is a simple game, where – you guessed it – you get to stack type. Just place the letters on top of each other and get to the win bar. Each level features one of our favourite fonts. Perhaps you will learn something about their forms, find out some...