We love working with

Blooming Photography

Over the years of collabouration with Ben we have created many versions of his site (this is the 4th iteration over 15+ years).

The latest was focused on providing an excellent platform to share his photography, while improving the site’s loading speed and SEO optimisation.

Bespoke tools

Bulk upload & image processing


SEO in a highly competitive landscape

Google position up 5 places


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Front Facing Website

The focus of this site was obviously Ben’s beautiful photography and so we have put it front and centre.

The challenge was to optimise images so that we provide a fast-loading speed without taking away from the quality of Ben’s photography.

Project Feature

We really do love Ben’s Photography, and his personal project about Fez tanneries is among our favourites. (No less because Morocco is one of our designer’s favourite holiday destinations.)

See for yourself

Why we think

This project is sexy

We are quite proud of many things about this project. Firstly, and most importantly, Ben is one of our oldest clients, we love working with him and showing off his really rather beautiful photos.

Speed is also an area where we are proud of what we have done – optimising the speed of download verses having as high as possible resolution. We spent a long time experimenting with compression and lazy-loading.

And then (and we may have mentioned this), the SEO gains, especially around the “weddings” keyword have been achieved with the structure of the pages and areas of interest. Specifically researching and finding out that people search for “wedding photography upcote barn” meant that we focused more on the locations as content silos. Clever huh?

We also built a few bits of geekery to make Ben’s life a little easier. If you’ve had a look at the blog then you’ll see there’s a lot of beautiful images there. We built an importer so that Ben could add all the images at the click of a button rather than having to add them one by one.

We also built a private galleries section that is accessible via a code, where Ben can give the clients a preview of the whole of a photoshoot – they can also share this code with family and friends who can buy digital copies and prints.