We loved boosting

Blow Ltd
Growth Hack

Our initial task was to bring more traffic to the site for key terms quickly.

A short project, but we reached our ambitious targets.

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We are proud that we

Reduced PPC conversion costs by 4/5

Growth Hack / Campaign and SEO

Increase of flow through booking process

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UX Tweaks held the key boost for this project

As part of our research we found the booking process and other parts of the site needed optimising, so we began a process of
A/B testing, redesign and fixing.

Under the Hood

Blow Ltd is an online service where people book beauty practitioners online who then come to that customer’s home.

We were brought in as consultants to help boost conversion and traffic.

Why we think this project is sexy

The biggest part of our work has been to create a large PPC and SEO campaign targeting specific areas of London and beyond. We used the same budgets but have been clever about where they are distributed for great results.

We did this by generating 100s of pages for key product areas (Manicures, Blow Dries etc.) in specific areas (Fulham, Kensington etc.). This created an ecosystem of linked “siloed” pages but also generated local traffic.

But ultimately this project was a masterclass in the art of the growth-hack. Fix the user journey, then – and only then – drive the right traffic.