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Consumer Lab Bristol

One of our projects for Bristol University, Consumer Lab is a site and organisation that brings together academics and industry research in the world of food – specifically in the world of consumer habits.

Community building and academia


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The Consumer Lab is one of six innovation hubs – part of the Diet and Health Open Innovation Research Club.

These hubs work together to offer funding to bring together the best of University academics and their industry partners.

“The Diet and Health Open Innovation Research Club was established in 2022 to support strategic, collaborative research and development between businesses and academic researchers together with other users of research, policy makers and wider stakeholders.”

We have received funding to operate for five years from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, part of UK Research & Innovation, the national funding agency investing in science and research in the UK.

Our simple but, we think, pretty sexy design makes the best of their brand and entices these very specific users to get involved.

Under the Hood

This site is unusual for us in that this site is built on Bristol University’s Wordpress ecosystem. As such a lot of our usual tools and toys were not available to us. It is Wordpress and Divi but some of our other “goodies” we use for SEO, for optimisation and for monitoring were not.

A good excercise in working around and validating our usual practices.

We are proud of…

Our design

A really quick turnaround and we think making what could have been a fairly stale site very interesting. And a great opportunity to get involved at the start of Consumer Lab’s journey.