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Campbell Gray Hospitality

Campbell Gray are a chain of high end, luxury hotels in amazing worldwide locations. We have worked with CGH for several years and have recently completed a switch from Campbell Gray Hotels into Campbell Gray Hospitality – a name change the suits better their focus on creating amazing hotels, restaurants and cafes…

Beautiful design

High end hotels and spaces


Long term partnership

A shared history


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Campbell Gray Hospitality

Moving towards not just the creation and running of hotels but also the amazing spaces that include apartments, cafes, and galleries.



Campbell Gray Hotels Main Site

The flagship of the brand, with 9 individual sub-sites under it.

We manage all the updates and liaise with hotel teams and the main CGH management team.



Under the Hood

The Campbell Gray Hotels site is built on top of WordPress, and it’s a multi-site WordPress site to boot.

Each hotel has its own website, which is linked directly to the main flagship hotel brand site.

Why we really love

Working with CGH

Campbell Gray Hospitality is a great example of how we build on our partnerships with our clients, and how we generally retain those partnerships beyond team and business changes.

Over the years we have completely upgraded and changed all of the hotel websites, and helped out with strategy, marketing, emails and of course SEO.

With 6 hotels, spread over 3 continents and multiple teams, our day to day task is to keep all websites up to date, communicate between and provide technical support to all the hotel teams, and liaise back with the CGH management team. At Practically we are proud of our can-do attitude, so whatever the teams need we always aim to deliver.

Cafe Gray

Cafe Gray is the new breed of spaces and outlets that sets Campbell Gray Hospitality apart from Campbell Gray Hotels. A series of unique cafes serving local and international food. It is all about the experience


Project Gunmetal

Since working with CGH we have rebuilt many of the existing websites under a new WordPress CMS system, but with more hotels coming on board every year, Campbell Gray Website was due for an upgrade and a facelift.

With our key knowledge of the various hotel requirements we have worked closely with the CGH Management team to deliver a new website design, followed by rapid re-build of all existing websites.

Beyond design & development we have helped out with communications and content logistics on this mammoth of a project.

Rita – Marketing Manager, Beruit

“We love your team!”