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Choraline’s unique offering of vocal learning products means that they need a unique website to deliver them. We have provided over 10 years of support and innovation to Choraline and we’re proud of the results.


With us throughout the years

Over 10 years of partnership


Custom build system

Bespoke e-commerce system


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If you want to learn a vocal part for a choral piece of music then Choraline is there to help, with hundreds or recording for all major choral work that teach you your part note by note. The challenge for us was to deliver this content as securely and simply as possible.

Under the Hood

This a native PHP/MySQL app that has been updated and extended over the years. It has payment integrations and an API that provides a unified experience across all platforms.

Why we think

This project is sexy

When we started the brief was to sell the products in physical form as CDs and MP3 downloads so we had to find a way to generate a download link that didn’t expose the copyrighted material to the world. Each download link is unique and can only be used a limited number of times.

Being a digital product Choraline has a global market. The site will ‘guess’ you location and show prices in the local currency. We integrated with Sagepay to take payment in a number of currencies and to use their token card detail storage system.

After a while we had a new brief to be able to stream the MP3s so the products could be used on the website. So we built a web-based MP3 player page that allowed a user to access their purchased music and use it online.

Choraline then developed a new video product to help people learn Handel’s Messiah, so we had to build a web player for this too.

The most recent development was to provide an API to serve member and purchase data and MP3 files to a phone app that had been developed. Users can now view, play and download all purchased music via the app, they can purchase new products in the app and they will also be available to play from the website.

How did you meet Practically?

“Referral from an advertising agency”

What were your expectations of the project?

“We had very high expectations as we were taking our complex product into the digital world and at the same taking our customers on the same journey.”

How do you feel the project went?

“Excellent. The essence of Practically is they are great listeners, great thinkers and great planners. They took and enhanced our brief which was so well executed from the outset that our customers base grew and grew into a highly successful on-line business.”

Do you still work with Practically? If so what is your ongoing relationship like?

“We continue to work with Practically and continue to have an excellent relationship. We continue to be impressed with their attention to detail and ability to always keep ahead in this fast moving ever-changing ‘on-line’ world.”

Andrew Grigg, Choraline

“Superb Service. Fast, smart and creative.”