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DS-Compliance: GDPR Dashboard

DS Dash is a comprehensive GDPR compliance tool, allowing both small and enterprise-sized clients to better understand and maintain the compliance to the GDPR regulations.

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The GDPR Dashboard

The client gets access to a dashboard through which they keep track and update their GDPR score.

They also gain access to a full library of useful tools, documents and templates, to help them meet compliance criteria.

Most importantly of all, requests and notifications of data breaches are logged and dealt with. Data Protection Officers are notified of required actions as they are legally required.

Under the Hood

This is a bespoke application built with a combination of our technologies. Plus some really bleeding edge APIs to manage the third party elements, such as voice transcription.

Why we think

This project is sexy

The code behind this project believes in the simplicity of the process and what you see. And this is what makes this project sexy – to us at least.

We also like this project as it fixes some of the many problems we encounter for ourselves and on behalf of our other customers. Namely that legal requirements for action get lost (subject must be contacted within 24 hours, for example). And more importantly when you are required, via a subject access request (a SAR), then it is almost impossible to prove when that happened. If the subject is no longer in your database then you can’t see their details. DS-Dash:GDPR is a legally binding record of actions.

The Questionnaire

The main core of the application is a 50+ question assessment, through which the platform can automatically assess the user’s GDPR compliance level.

The user receives a fully auto-generated PDF report at the end, which summarises the clients performance and also identifies any gaps and opportunities for improvement.

Manage Subject Access Requests (SARs) and Breach reports

The user can use the dashboard to keep a record of Subject Access Requests (SARs), make Breach Records, and see any upcoming tasks and to-dos.

Keeping track of SARs and Breach reports is simple and efficient through the DS Dash. Each time the user adds a new record, the appropriate tasks are automatically generated, notifications added to their personal GDPR calendar, and email notifications sent where necessary.

Voice Transcription and GDPR

Once we have a GDPR Dashboard it is a simple and logical step to add and create 3rd party applications. One of these that we are excited about (and as of 2020 is in final test with a major player) is that of voice encoding.

We receive live recordings of customer calls to a call centre. These calls are transcribed by our system, and as we do so we look out for GDPR keywords and phrases. If matches are found then these transcriptions form an alert which are sent directly to the Data Protection Officer. In turn, they decide if this is actionable in the normal way.

AI Driven Audio Meta data

Introducing DS-Keywords

Our GDPR work around audio has led to DS-Keywords – a method to get meta data from audio recordings of all types, plus keyword data from images, pdf and text files. This is already being used by police forces around the world as well as by social media managers to check their influencers are saying the right things publicly.

Bradley Geppert – Director and Founder of DS-Compliance

Planning, diligence, and effort are the foundation of successful business.

How did Practically & DS get together?

“I have known Sam for more than 10 years and have worked on various projects together.”

What were your expectations of the project?

“Planning and strategy that will lead us to a robust build of our technology.”

How do you feel the project went overall?

“[Practically] met all expectations and the team continue to create and add to our working platform. “

Anything else to add about working together?

“Yes. We see Sam and the team as a cornerstone of our strategy”