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Even.tl – Event control logging tool

An application to aid the smooth running of events big and small. A browser based solution to task management at busy events, such as the Cheltenham Festival or 2000 Trees, and designed to work seamlessly with limited internet coverage.


Unique listing interface



All data ‘saved’ for offline use


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Coming soon: even.tl

When a big sporting event, a concert, or any large gathering happens you will have an event controller. It is their task to keep people safe and to ensure the smooth running of the operation. Armed with walkie talkies these heroes talk to security, cleaners, the police – in short everyone.


By law, these event controllers must also keep a log of their actions – times, resolutions and notes. This log can later be called as evidence in court if there has been a serious incident. It might surprise you to learn that in the main these logs are simply sheets of lined A4 paper. Scrawled notes that can be lost, edited and which are impossible to search or interrogate.

This is where even.tl comes in. It is a digital version of that A4 notepad – a legally binding event log and task management application. Tasks are assigned, created, flagged or completed. Notes, times and tasks are never allowed to be edited – just added to. And once the event is over we generate a list of flagged items, and a series of graphs to show otherwise invisible insights.

Under the Hood

We are using Open API together with our wireframes to create the architecture. Then a react.js and next.js frontend to bring this to life. The web based application is quick and works offline, saving its data until it can send to the central system.



This was a real passion project for us. It has allowed us to test in action our new API tech we have been working with.

We were very excited at how the back end was set up super quick, based on our project wireframes and the Open API definitions. This new way of working is slowly transforming the way we create applications – and this is very sexy indeed.

We are also rather proud of the UI/UX design on this one. The app is used in high pressure, high speed environment and the key was to thoroughly understand what the user needed, when, and what is the quickest and most efficient way to let them do it.


A good example of where the form of the product flows into the branding.

An event controller is always a list of tasks and logs in various states of completeness. So our logo – or rather the icon – is that list made graphic.

There is also a moving version – but we don’t want to give away everything before this baby goes live.


React.js application (with next.js)

We have created smaller applications in this manner but this is the first big one. The method means gives us, from the get-go, a working website and application that will still work in low WI-FI areas. Thus, even on mobile we will be able to save data for later when in a festival and field environment.