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We are proudly part of the collective, bringing AI knowledge and actions to business.

Use and learn AI for business strategy


We do it for you / We show you how / Now what?


See for yourself is a consultancy and collective aiming to help organisations to Work The Future.

Using the awesome power of generative AI and a whole series of custom tools and prompts, can generate business reports in minutes that might take weeks. The idea is to not only generate these and other documents and white papers, but to Show You How, and from this show your company how too. Therefore rather than you and your staff being made redundant to the AI, you are empowered and made more efficient.

We as are part of the collective and slot in when it comes to the web expertise and strategy – to work the problems found by all these amazing reports.


Obsolete as a brand has some history. Sam Collett went for an interview at infamous Web Design Agency Obsolete back in 1998. By the time he started the company had morphed into and he stayed here for more than 6 years. Obsolete became and was a collective, so returning to this brand was a real pleasure.

We created the new logo, mini brand guidelines and web design. All of which has been a joy. Most of all we have been on the strategic side of things urging everyone, as ever, to Keep It Simple Stupid.


Our new brand

The logo is on many levels obvious – the manifestation of the word Obsolete and the disruption of what went before. And of course it moves, created using After Effects and Lottie. There is also a smaller square version – the ø symbol which happens to mean “Sum to zero”.

Apart from the logo we use, by design and as and to the heritage, the same fonts and colours as the old 1990’s version.

We are impressed by…

AI Generated Full business reports

The only way to show how good these systems are would be to show you, so we commissioned our own report. Have a read below.

Download an Example report

We asked to generate us a sample report on the state of the market of Pawnbrokers in provincial towns. And this 40 page deck is what they came up with. To see how it was done, get your own report. Remember this pdf is 100% generated.

We are amazed by…

AI Generated theme based imagery

The imagery is very obviously AI generated and is all the work, not of us but of founder Jon Bains, using a whole series of methods. This is not least to get around some of the restrictions on types of imagery (namely soviet era). This imagery as well as our lovely branding has made it to a merch site. You too can own an mug.

Did you know? helped to write and find the agencies in our own comparative list of web agencies in Cheltenham. In fact it got us 80% of the way there, finding the current web’s idea of who and what is out there. Find out how so you can do it yourself – book a free meeting with Sam.