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A brand overhaul and design partnership that, as so often happens, started with a website upgrade. 

Project aims

New web design


We changed everything

Design, rebrand, website


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Press Data are a UK based company that provides data insights, research and media analysis for all sorts of companies. They recently acquired Future Events News Service which we built and continue to maintain. But also run the Celebrity Bulletin (A database for seeing the whereabouts of celebrities), News Pad (for researching media and news data), Real-Time News (a live wire and alerting system) and more.

The eventual plan is for PressData.co.uk to become the hub for all of these sub-brands and for the separate domain names to become just login based applications (rather than a welcome page followed by login).


The website design and creation is aimed at new customers and tries to give them an over-arching idea of the scope of the data and work that Press Data do. We did this by focusing on the numbers (5m Content pieces processed every single day, for example). And also by bringing all of the disparate brands and services together both visually. Structurally we have listed these by service and by sector – some folk will know the brand name of Celebrity Bulletin, some will want a service around celebrity knowledge.

As with most of our marketing sites these days we create the site on WordPress and use our Static Site Generator to output compressed and cleaned raw html.


Unifying Rebrand

We upgraded and evolved the Press Data brand. And therefore were able to bring the sub-brands together as part of the Press Data family.

Why we think

This project is sexy

One of the more fun aspects of the design work we have done and continue to do for Press Data is to become their outsourced design resource, so we have been busy on lots of random but rewarding design tasks. For example we helped with reporting dashboards to make visual sense of data for their clients, using that client’s own design guidelines. For obvious reasons we cannot show any of this work, but we shall leave it to your imagination.