We love working with

Spot On Supplies

Spot On Supplies is one of the largest independent suppliers of cleaning and business products to customers in the South West.

A long-term partner, we created the interface for ordering online, and support them in expanding their customer-facing systems.

High Traffic & Turnover

Over £1 online million sales in 2019/2020


Long time partnership

Since 2012


See for yourself


Supporting Spot On Online since 2012

Initially, we rebuilt Spot On Supplies’ website and re-structured their database to improve their online offering. In the time since, we have redesigned their site, integrated our in-house CMS, helped them expand their product ranges and developed a host of other features.

Spot On Supplies is a great success story for us in terms of the capabilities we have created and for the ease of use we give the B2B customers, which have delivered results year-on-year.

We continue to work in partnership with them to meet their evolving business needs.

Under the Hood

This is a bespoke online shop built in php & Yii2, with our in-house CMS – Revo – as its foundation, with custom integration with Spot On’s in-house stock & CRM system.

Why we think

This project is sexy

One of the sexiest things about the Spot On Supplies site is what you won’t see… Highly customised, flexible real-time and near real-time integrations with their in-house stock & CRM system from multiple sources.

We receive constantly changing customer and catalogue data from three separate locations, which is translated and optimised for search and product ordering, whilst maintaining data integrity. Orders are communicated in real-time to Spot On’s stock management system so nothing is missed or delayed.

Also, the site is entirely bespoke, which means that we adapt, experiment, and improve the site on demand. So, as new customers come on board that need new features, or as their business needs change, we can roll out new features quickly.

Finally, we have a great working relationship with the client and take a keen and active interest in identifying improvements and offering support for any technical matters that will help.