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Suttons & Robertsons

As of 2022 a new partnership. We were tasked with boosting sales and SEO across the board. So we embarked on a fairly intensive 3 month campaign to bring this ancient of company’s online offering up to speed.

How to build trust & modernity online


See for yourself



See for yourself


Suttons & Robertsons are a high-end pawnbroker specialising in jewellery and watch brands such as Rolex.

We were asked to look at their offering, and come up with a three month strategy to boost all things web. So we have worked a total rebuild and redesign of two of their sites. This involved: rewriting and restructuring every single page; removing non performing pages; boosting speed; improving security; rebuilding the reporting and tracking components with Zoho, Google Tag Manager, and Adwords.

Our design leans on the strength of the Established in 1770 message. This builds huge amounts of trust for users, and is really important in this most competitive of marketplaces. We were helped by our insistence on boosted imagery from the Suttons team, which you can see on this page.

Suttons & Robertsons has a more corporate site, a consumer facing pawnbroking site and then a shop which mirrors its stores, selling high-end one off jewellery and watch pieces.

Under the Hood

The shop site is pretty standard WordPress with WooCommerce. The main site is also WordPress, and we switched from Elementor to Divi theme. HUGE speed improvements came with our way of generating cache and static site generation.

A good example of our honed approach to WordPress development and knowledge.

We are proud of…

Our strategy worked – the objectives were exceeded

Our plan was to rebuild the sites along SEO lines.  And then move into a less intensive but no less important stage whereby we boost the SEO value of the sites, and reduce the reliance on PPC traffic. We did our research, we created a plan and then we executed that plan as well as taking on board a multitude of other business related tasks that came our way.

We brought in 1000s of pounds of new business by the redesign and rebuild alone. We proved that the strategy worked and allowed for business to see progress and tracking through various channels. PPC budgets are now reduced with sustainable SEO traffic being up. There are also demonstrable benefits to a more consistent, more trustworthy brand presence. Book a meeting to see if we can do the same for you.