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Timpani is a Wordpress only hosting platform.
We provided the API, front-end interface, design, planning, much of the business logic and more besides.

What is Timpani?

Brand new hosting platform dashboard



Documentation, APIs & many moving parts


See for yourself


A dashboard to create fully-formed Wordpress hosting

Built with Angular and many integrations from payments, to the core API and external services such as Zendesk.

A massive project with many moving parts.

The expanding, concertina-type, interface is fairly unique. It represents Timpani as a platform.

Each section is a different admin area that controls each of your wordpress install’s server settings.

We designed and built all public-facing parts including the initial marketing site.

Under the Hood

The front-end of the dashboard is an Angular.js masterclass. This points directly into the main infrastructure, for example to create a new hosting space and assign a domain name to that new ‘box’.

Why we think

This project is sexy

There are many aspects of this project that mark it out as something special. The design and UX is rather unique and also rather sexy – we do urge you to go see for yourself.

The tech stack together with the APIs and documentation, created in conjunction with the guys from Timpani is also something to behold. A beautiful, powerful system.

Anon. Wordpress user of the Timpani system

“Wow. That’s really impressive – and fast”