We love working with

Augmentum Fintech

The aim of our collaboration with Augmentum was to merge their two company divisions back into one, and in the process update their branding and website to accommodate it.

Tight deadlines

4 weeks concept-to-product


Beyond web design

Wide range of work from branding to video editing


See for yourself


From Corporate to Fresh and Dynamic

The first task was to leave the corporate behind and create a new and fresh brand, which better represents Augmentum’s dynamic, fast-growing & exciting nature.

The second and larger task came in the form of complete website re-design and re-build. The key was to include content from both Augmentum Capital and Augmentum Fintech branches while keeping the site clean and simple to navigate.

We have managed it, within our tight timeline, and we have developed a great working relationship with the Augmentum team.

Alongside a new website we have delivered a full set of brand assets, including business cards, letterhead templates, presentation templates and complete brand guidelines.

We provide ongoing design and technical support for the website and beyond.

Under the Hood

The biggest challenge with Augmentum was the huge amount of content we had to combine together, essentially creating a website which provides all of the legal information needed for investors and corporate audience, while also presenting a sexy, sleek and easy to navigate website.

Why we think

This project is sexy

We consider Augmentum one of our sexiest projects to date – at least visually that is. While under the hood the tech is pretty straight forward, the front end website is sleek, modern and most importantly effective!

We are very proud of the brand identity we have created for Augmentum, and it brings us great joy to see how they take it forward and incorporate it it in every aspect of their online and real world presence.

Since the website has launched we have collaborated with both Augmentum team, and other agencies in bringing the brand to life throughout various media.

Teen VC

Recently the Augmentum team has launched a new initiative aimed at teenagers and young adults who are interested in Fintech investment.

As is the Augmentum tradition, we had just under a week to deliver a new website, design and build, ready for launch of the Teen VC challenge.

We have delivered a fun and engaging website, which the Augmentum team then populated with exciting content (a lot of it!).

The project was a great success for Augmentum and they have seen good engagement with both the content and the challenge.

Georgie Hazell – Augmentum

“We’ve been working with the Practically team for a couple of years now and they are great to work with!”